What do we offer?

We offer a range of virtual beer tasting experiences which include the beer boxes delivered direct to each attendee's door and a hosted online event on a date of your choosing. Our two main offerings are the Mystery Beer Event and the Tasting Beer Event which are all inclusive events aimed at all knowledge levels of beer from novice to the more experienced craft beer drinker.


Mystery Beer Tasting Event

Our most popular option is the Mystery Beer Event. This is a selection of premium Irish craft beers where we have replaced the label to make them a mystery. We then lead the group on a blind beer tasting experience. Group participation is key (and usually hilarious too!), as we discuss beer styles, flavours and aromas. We use a range of interactive online tools to engage the audience in the event. The event is fun and informative where you can learn about beer tasting as well as discovering some new beer styles.


Brewery Spotlight Event

As we work very closely with the breweries we can arrange for the actual brewers to take part in your event and talk about the beers as the group tastes them. This will provide the group with great insight into the brewing process as well as the history of the breweries and the craft beer industry in Ireland today. This is an interactive event and questions are encouraged from the group. We will also use our interactive online tools for further engagement.


Grape & Grain Event

We have teamed up with an excellent wine Sommelier to bring you our combined wine and beer tasting events. We use one zoom event for all attendees, where we split the group into two virtual rooms (wine tasting & beer tasting). The Introduction and the wrap up is with all attendees together.

Beer Tasting: This will be the Mystery Beer Tasting Event outlined above.

Wine Tasting: Our excellent wine Sommelier will take you on a journey through a number of wines describing the flavours, aromas and production etc. You can select the wine styles for the event, be it an Old World Chardonnay or a New World Malbec.


Mystery Beer Tasting Game

Do you know your lagers from your IPA's or want to have a bit of fun finding out? Then why not try our Mystery Craft Beer Tasting Game

 You will receive 4 delicious craft beers from 4 fantastic Irish breweries with their labels removed and our mystery labels added instead. You will also receive game sheets and a video guiding you through the game and providing tasting notes along the way. Great craic guessing the beers and earning points throughout the game. You will definitely learn a few things too

 You can play anytime and at your own pace, whether on your own or with a group of friends.

What's included?

  • 4 x Mystery Craft Beers
  • Game Sheets
  • Video walkthrough for each beer
  • Tasting Notes document

This would also be the perfect gift for any beer lover and is suitable for all occasions:

  • Birthday Gifts
  • Thanks You Gifts
  • Employee Gifts
  • Client Gifts

Multiple game boxes can be bought in the same order. All boxes bought will have the same beers included so multiple people can play together.

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